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Review of the new EU Electronic Communications Regulatory Framework proposal

Boštjan Makarovič, Urša Primožič


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On 11 September 2013 European Commission adopted what it is calling its “most ambitious plan in 26 years of telecoms market reform”. The proposed revamp is said to bring a reduction in consumer charges, and is to simplify red tape faced by companies, bringing a range of new rights for both users and service providers.

“The European Commission says no to roaming premiums, yes to net neutrality, yes to investment, yes to new jobs. Fixing the telecoms sector is no longer about this one sector but about supporting the sustainable development of all sectors,” said Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the EC in charge of Digital Agenda.

Following is the breakdown and our short analysis of the new electronic communications framework proposal, still to be confirmed by the European Parliament and the Council. 

Review of the new EU Electronic Communications Regulatory Framework proposal.pdf
Aphaia_Review of new EU Electronic Communications Framework

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