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Resolving the European Rural Fibre Investment Gridlock

Boštjan Makarovič, Stefan Stanislawski


Together with London consultancy Ventura Team, Aphaia has prepared a study with the optimal strategy for developing high speed-broadband in the rural areas of Slovenia, an example of a country with early mass market FTTH investment and competition that, however, remained limited to urban areas.

Relying on a financial model developed by Ventura Team and Aphaia, the study in the form of a White Paper demonstrates the deprivation of the countryside due to the lack of ‘clawback’ regulation and puts forward the idea of an alternative regulatory regime, whereby a separate company (NetCo) would be created in order to provide for both the NGA coverage and copper replacement in all the areas not subject to infrastructure competition and fibre investment.

The study was prepared by world-renown experts in competition in electronic communications, Dr Boštjan Makarovič and Stefan Stanislawski.

You can discuss this White Paper in our LinkedIn group 'NGA and Fibre Investment Policy and Regulation'

Resolving the European Rural Fibre Investment Gridlock.pdf

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