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Energy Strategy for Europe: The role of Renewable Energy in an EU Integrated Energy Market

Catarina Afonso dos Santos


Since the beginning of the European construction process, energy has stood as a core policy area, with more and more importance being given to a common energy policy. In 2007, the European Commission established an energy policy for Europe which recognized serious energy challenges to be faced at the European level in regard to sustainability and greenhouse gas emissions, security of supply, import dependence and the implementation of an effective internal energy market.

Since then, an ambitious policy and regulatory framework has been put in place in order to achieve a competitive, sustainable and secure energy system in Europe

This White Paper describes the EU policy and regulatory framework on renewable energy, and analyses the current situation regarding renewable energy growth. It will also briefly analyse the energy technological challenges and infrastructure developments at the EU level, and future considerations for renewable energy penetration in the internal market.

Energy Strategy for Europe_The role of Renewable Energy in an EU Integrated Energy Market.pdf
Energy Strategy for

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