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Managing tech startup intangibles : a regulatory and legal guide
ePrivacy Regulation and OTT communications
Review of the EU regulatory framework for electronic communications networks and services
What are the tasks of the Data Protection Officer?
Data Protection Officer - a new Must-have in EU law (Free to Download)
General Data Protection Regulation podcast - what is new?
Are consumers willing to pay the sustainability premium? A look at chocolate and coffee
CSR for SMEs: How to get your SME on a sustainable path - and benefit from it
Privacy and Big Data in the Cloud
Big Data transfers in the absence of Safe Harbor
Data protection and privacy in the world of Big Data: an EU perspective
Investor’s guide on community stakeholder engagement in Latin America
Energy Strategy for Europe: The role of Renewable Energy in an EU Integrated Energy Market
Briefing on the new EU regulatory package for Card, Internet and Mobile Payments
Are consumers willing to pay the sustainability premium? A look at chocolate and coffee [FREE executive summary for registered users]
Review of the new EU Electronic Communications Regulatory Framework proposal
Resolving the European Rural Fibre Investment Gridlock
Mobile Telephony National Regulatory Strategies
Running after the Cloud: current regulatory framework of cloud computing in the EU and future policy challenges
ICT and Climate Change
The level of competition and regulation of the telecommunications sector in the EU and the Caribbean
New Proposed EU Data Protection package - Key changes and expectations
The ACER Guidance on REMIT: Overview and application
Trademark functions and keyword advertising on the internet
Difficulties of Enforcing Privacy and Data Protection Claims in a Global Online Environment
Energy and Telecoms: Smart Grids, Future Convergence and Regulatory Challenges
Personal data protection in the European Union
NGA Recommendation and Competition Law Issues
End User Rights and the New EU Electronic Communications Regulatory Framework